Useful tips for your Coffee Machine performance! ?>

Useful tips for your Coffee Machine performance!

cleaning-coffee-espressoKnowing how to treat your coffee machine right will not only help you maintain it thus having it for a longer period of time working fine and in a good shape, but also, it will make it possible for you to have the best coffee drink out of it. Even if you think you may know it all, you may find it helpful to read a few more tips about how to improve your coffee machine’s performance and prolong its life while drinking a tasteful coffee. Here we go:

Cleaning your machine frequently and thoroughly!

If you want to keep your machine clean, do not think that you have fulfilled this task by just wiping the coffee grinds all over it or on the warming plate, that is just 1/10 of the work. You need to also clean the internal part of the machine thoroughly. A very good idea is to do this on a monthly basis (if you make lots of coffees) or at least once in two months (if you use it less). There is a DIY recipe that will work miracles for the matter. You have to put one-third white vinegar and two-thirds water in the water deposit and start the machine. Make sure that no coffee or filters are forgotten in the machine. Run it as usual. Than, rinse the water deposit and fill it up with water only. Run the machine again, twice, so you can take out all the vinegar that went through. It will help clean every single water deposit that might have gotten in the pipes or other parts of the machine.

Find out he right grind for your machine!

Some people think that all coffee has the same level of coarseness, but it is not true. Manufacturers produce three basic levels of ground and medium is the most common used and found in the supermarket shelves. But the thing is that depending on the type of the machine you are using and how you like your coffee (let’s say dripped, espresso, filtered, etc.), the proper grind to use might vary. For example, if you are found of dripped coffee, you should try to use a very coarse grind otherwise, a very fine one might come all inside your coffee and it will taste too strong and bad. Instead, if you are using an espresso machine judge, than the finest, the better. Try to find a local coffee shop that might grind the coffee beans for you and have them as you request.

Brew only how much you’ll have at the spot

Most people have the bad habit of brewing a whole pot of coffee and than have just half a cup of it. The leftover coffee will (at some point) get cold and on the other hand it also looses its taste and effectiveness if it stays brewed for a long time. So, unless you are using an espresso machine, try to brew as much coffee s you are having in that very moment and brew some more when you need more.

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