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How to Lower Garbage Disposal Noise

GARBAGE-DISPOSALIt’s definitely no secret.

If you are here, than you own a garbage disposal.

Not only that but you own a garbage disposal, and are more than likely sick of the loud noises it makes.

Especially, when one of your perfectly crafted pieces of silverware takes a good ole dive into that drain, without you seeing it.

Metal on metal grinding—screeches into your ear way very unpleasantly.

But even when your grinding up your waste like your supposed to, it can be pretty irritating at times.

But that shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t take a chance on these extremely convenient pieces of equipment.

Lets take a look at why you are hearing the sounds that you are, and what you can do to reduce them the most.

Why the Noise?

There are few factors into why your hearing such loud noise coming from your garbage disposal. For instance…

Wear and Tear

Over the course of usage, all garbage disposals are going to go through “wear and tear”. It is the very nature of their existence, to grind up and dispose anything that you feed to it.

Over a certain length of time, parts are going to get worn out and not operate as efficiently and smoothly as they once did. With parts not working together as one you get met with a very high level of noise.

Quality Of Parts

Purchasing the right brand can be all the difference in the amount of noise it produces. Cheaper brands that you may never have heard of are able to make their products at a low cost with a low price because the parts being used are low quality.

Low quality parts break down faster and do not operate, as they should consistently. Causing noise levels to reach uncomfortable heights.

Jammed or Other Obstructions

This one can be identified almost immediately after you flip your switch on. I can’t tell you how many times one of my daughters mini-kids sized utensils slipped past me and into our disposal. I go to flip the switch not pay a mind to this, and I am met with one of the most unpleasant sounds I have ever heard.

Anytime you get a piece of plastic [or heck even a rock] in your garbage disposal you are going to hear it as clear as day.

Loosely Fastened

When installing your garbage disposal it is very important that you tighten each part down per the instructions, evenly and tightly. Failure to do this will results in your disposal shaking more than it already has to.

For optimal performance your disposal needs to stay still, if its free to bounce around beneath your sink, than your definitely going to hear something about it.

Internal Parts Malfunction

Sometimes everything is working just right. Every part is working together to efficiently eliminate any solids in your waste so that it will smoothly and calmly exit out of your home and in your sewer system.

That is, unless one part isn’t doing his job. In which case, your disposal is going to seize up and make some cries for help while it does everything it can to keep working.


Now this is one that is going to occur no matter what model you purchase, or what make you decided on. The richest man in the world can have the most expensive garbage disposal known to man, and still he will be met with the sounds of vibrations. The key is to limit these, not eliminate them.

Your disposal unit works from a horse powered electric motor and its function is to grind up anything that comes into its path. With so much mechanical energy going on in there, you are naturally going to get some vibrations.

How to Reduce Noise?

Ok so how do we lower the noise of a garbage disposal? We know the factors that go into why they make noise but what can we do to lower that?

This comes down to being an educated consumer, and that’s exactly what we are making you—right now!

Some brands and models will do it for you, with features that specifically target noise reduction.

Psst…want to know a secret?

The keyword for the best noise reduction with garbage disposals is—rubber

Additional Insulation

Some makes will feature additional insulation that is wrapped around all of its mechanical parts. This added layer helps hold in those decibels[measurement of sound] so they stay inside your garbage disposal.

Sink Mounts

Specific sink mounts used for sound reduction can be very useful. By applying specifically designed and extra secure rubber mounting. These help reduce the amount of vibration you would typically get, and help all your parts move efficiently.

Anti-Vibration Piping

How does something like this work? By wrapping the piping in rubber, of course! These are sometimes called “grommets” and they wrap around your piping so that the vibrations from the operation of your garbage disposal are absorbed into the rubber, and therefore reduce the sound level that they cause.

Sink Size

The materials that make up the sink you are hooking up to, can make all the difference in noise level. For example if you have a deep sink like myself, you are going basically hooking up to an amplifier.

Much like when someone blows through a horn, it amplifies the level of sound that is transmitted. The same goes for your garbage disposer to your sink. If you happen to have a smaller sized sink than you will experience a much lower level of noise here.

Sink Material

There are different types of materials that make up sinks. My sink is a very deep porcelain made. So my sound it fairly loud and echoing throughout my home, but if it were made of a much nicer material like say, stainless steel?

Then I would require ear muffs or plugs every time I went for that switch. Stainless steel sinks are much thinner and therefore they vibrate a lot easier. With more vibration comes a lot more sound. Think about both the depth and the material your sink is made of, to get a good guesstimate on your noise level.

In Conclusion

We hope you found out everything you need to know on how to reduce the level of your garbage disposal. As you can see there are a lot of different factors ranging from the type of mounting you use to the quality of parts to even the material your sink is made out of.

If you have any other questions concerning the noise level of your garbage disposal, please leave us a message and we will gladly answer it in a timely manner.

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